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15 June 2010 @ 03:52 am
Twitter has gone insane tonight. Anyways,

Got a tattoo the other day. I'm pretty happy with it.

We've moved into the new house. It's big and nice. We haven't painted yet or anything. I'm thinking of doing this wallpaper in my room, on one wall. And the other walls, I would paint just the grey.

And maybe getting this from IKEA for $100.

(or this one for $180, I can't decide.)

I don't know about the bathroom yet. :\ I was thinking brown and pale turquoise, but I'm not sure.

I turned 20 on April 25th. An ex-coworker showed up at my house with an 8 week old kitten for my birthday present. My family is allergic to cats, so I couldn't have kept him, but she wouldn't take him back. She actually told me to "just let him go and forget about it." So I ended up going up to Raleigh and giving him to Savy. I loved him. :[

And a twitter friend sent me this.


Pre-ordering the iPhone 4 soon. In black since the white is for some reason unavailable until later in the summer.

And September 18th is the Gaga Monster Ball with lovexxashley! Excited about that. I have no outfit ideas. D:
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