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18 March 2010 @ 12:46 am
Well, since Twitter is down atm, I'll finally get around to updating livejournal.
It's been ages. :[

We're moving. This is the listing for our house.

And we're having a new one built out in Indian Trail.
This is what it will look like, except the garage will be on the left.

And these are the colors. It looks a little darker in person.

And this is what we picked for the inside. The two on the right are for the bathrooms.

It should be done in June.

AND, I saw AFI last weekend with Savy!
It was fantastic.

We stood in line in the freezing, pouring rain and wind to get in, and we ended up being very close to the front, but off to the side. AFI was incredible, though. And Davey was gorgeous.

I also saw Brand New (and Thrice) at the same place back in November, which was amazingggg. I can't believe I didn't update about it. Here's some pictures from that, too.

Jesse performing Limousine solo. <333

And Thrice

Anddd, I have a new macbook, and I'm really happy for Frank and Jamia, and I'm sad about Bob, and I miss GreatestJournal, and that's about it.
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